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A good number of you have asked me to give you an update on how Kitty is doing as a result of my quick trip by car down to Menton on my own.

As you are aware Kitty had a very serious operation last year to remove a large part of her tongue, due to her cancer returning. In addition Kitty had to have a tube fitted into her stomach in order for her to be fed as the operation resulted in her not being able to swallow.

The last year has been a very difficult one for her as you can imagine. She did manage a short visit to us in England over Christmas but she had to bring a suitcase full of her bottled liquid food with her which was really very difficult.

Kitty has adjusted to her new life of looking after her garden, doing her clay modelling and making visits to her physiotherapist and speech therapist. She has done a lot of knitting which she finds very calming. During the year she had cathartic operations on both her eyes as well as several blood tests and visits to the hospital both in Nice and Menton.

It was at one of her visits to her speech therapist that he discovered a change to the feel of her tongue which he has been exercising over the last year. As a result he suggested that Kitty see her doctor with whom she had an annual check up with. This resulted in further blood tests, an MRI scan and further tests resulting in her being told that the cancer that was supposed to have been removed during last years operation, had returned.

This of course was news that none of us wanted to hear, especially Kitty. The options given to Kitty was that the doctor wanted to remove the rest of her tongue which would result in her not being able to talk at all and to put a tube in her throat through which she would have to breathe. You can imagine how this made Kitty feel. She was absolutely depressed and after much thought she decided that she would not have the operation, as her quality of life would not be acceptable to her.

After further tests her doctor decided to put Kitty on a course of Immunotherapy to treat her cancer and to see if they could stop the spread of the cancer. Kitty had her first infusion in early August.

Ann and I had planned a visit to Tuscany late September. We were to drive down to Menton, spend a week with Kitty and then drive down to Tuscany for four weeks. On our way home we would spend a week in Switzerland with Liz and her family before returning home.

Having heard Kitty’s news and after discussing things both with her and Liz we decided that Kitty needed us with her immediately so we cancelled our holiday in Tuscany and I drove down to Menton taking a couple of days. Ann had to stay back as we had promised to look after our friends Dalmatian while they were on holiday and she needed time to order three months of our pills from the doctor. Ann will be flying down to join us on Tuesday.

While I have been over here I have tried to help Kitty as much as possible with her various hospital visits and other appointments. I try to do most of the driving but she is determined to keep on driving herself mainly into town. We have been doing some work in the garden together and I help her around the house as I can.

We have just retuned from the hospital in Nice after Kitty’s second infusion. Her appointment was for 9.15am and as usual we were kept waiting and what was to be an hours appointment turned out to be four. We got back at 1.00pm.

A bit of good news was that the nurse told her that her blood tests were normal and that she was as healthy as could be expected. The third session of her Immunotherapy will take place later in the month. When that has been done she will require further blood tests, another MRI scan and then see her doctor to find out if the treatment has been working. We pray and hope and ask for your prayers as well.

I have managed to have a few rides up into the mountains and along the coast and tomorrow Nico (Kitty’s son) and I will be going for a ride from Antibes to Agay via Cannes a round trip of 100km. I am really looking to spending the day with Nico.

I hope that you have found this update informative. If you would like any further information please do message me and I will get back to you.

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