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A Very Happy Christmas

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and prosperous 2021. Well 2020 will go down in history but for all the wrong reasons. It all started, when we were in Andalucia for our 6/7 weeks of heaven. We got to the end of the 10th day with 3 sets of guests ready to come and stay with us, when everything broke loose in Spain with a total lockdown and when they say Lockdown they mean it. Only 1 person to go to the supermarket and no car journeys except for food or medical reasons. It stopped us visiting all parts of a new area, as well as David’s cycling - got 2 rides in and playing golf - he managed 2 rounds of golf with many more booked with our guests.

We had a wonderful 3 bedroomed house with both front and back terraces. So sun and warmth at any time of the day !! Unfortunately the weather started to get quite chilly with less and less sun before we had to make the dash home to England. Trying to book a ferry home was interesting, but eventually having had to pay twice for our return trip, we found that we were on the last ferry with passengers in cars (lorries of course would carry on during the whole of Lockdown). We had to drive from the south of Spain to Santander on the north coast in 8 hours - like a ghost town on all the motorways and did not relax until we had been booked onto the ferry (not knowing if we had a booking or having to drive all the way back - no hotels open !!!! ) The ferry left very late trying to get everyone on with social distancing. The owner of our house in Almunecar has very kindly agreed to let us come back again at a reduced rate, but had this conversation back in the summer but doubtful we will be able to go in 2021 or until the whole world has had a vaccination. We had all got back into our routines, golfing, cycling and exercise classes and then back into Lockdown again. Christmas will be very different this year as it will be just David and I.

I felt very sorry for Simon, Dani, Jake and Ellie. They went stir crazy trying to work, teach the children and keeping them amused ! Both Simon and Dani did a wonderful job and “Granann” gave them some daily challenges - one less thing for their parents to think of. Thank goodness for the wonderful Spring and Summer weather so that they could play outside most of the time. They managed to get away for a 10day camping holiday to Dorset in early August. Only after 12 weeks were we allowed to look after the kids again on a Thursday. Our first time was for a walk in the woods in the pouring rain but we all loved it - blow the weather. The kids were so excited being allowed to be away from their house since March - such a small thing. Bless them.

Ellie (aged 4 1/2) started school in September and she loves loves loves it, and is already writing and reading. Jake slotted back into school with no problems - loved meeting all his friends again. Both had brilliant reports during their teacher’s evening in November.

We all managed to have a week away together in September. Simon and family came on the Friday evening and left after lunch on the Sunday. David and I stayed for the rest of the week, enjoying some really wonderful walks. Derbyshire is such a pretty county.

Please stay safe and take care until we can come out of this dreadful pandemic. We need to think POSITIVE that 2021 will be slightly more normal !

Our love

Ann & David

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