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A Very Happy Christmas

A very Happy Christmas to you and hope that 2024 will bring you happiness and joy. Thank you for your kind greetings and cards received last year. Much appreciated.

Yet another year has rushed past us.

No holidays this year (Italy had to be cancelled) with Kitty’s cancer coming back with a vengeance. David went out to help her in the 1st week of August by car on his own and I followed by plane on the 3rd September after commitments here at home. We returned home via Basel to see the whole family there at the end of October. Very tiring but lovely seeing most of them grown up. We had to leave because of the Schengen rules of only 90 days !

Kitty has been having Immunotherapy (a new cancer treatment but not to cure her - only giving her more time with us) and has just finished her 2nd course of three. She will be having her Petscan to see what is happening - whether it is still working or not.

David still playing golf and cycling when he can (weather permitting) and still having problems with his back, but he is determined to keep doing both of them.

I still walk with my Fitness Ladies and have coffee once a week at one of our houses. A lot of laughing and giggling.

Simon Dani and the kids are all fine. They had a lovely holiday in North Wales in their new Caravan. Very much warmer being inside instead of being on the ground. Everybody happy! The family are all going to Lapland for 4 days - 2 very very excited children. Their first flight and out of UK. All kept a great secret until last week

Kitty is coming to us for Christmas again this year. Also Christopher and Julie are going to be with us so that we can all spend some time with Kitty.

We wish you a really happy festive period and we hope 2024 will be a brilliant year.

Our love

Ann & David

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