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Highs and Lows - Kitty

Since my last blog there have been very many highs and lows for Kitty. During Thursday night her feeding tube came out of her nose resulting in the nurse on her daily morning visit, having to insert the tube once again. As she was not sure if she had got the tube in the correct position (stomach and not lungs), we had to go the the Hospital in Nice for the nursing staff to check if the tube was in the correct position. After an x-ray which confirmed that all was OK, we drove to Nico’s house to collect a garden shredder, so that I could shred the huge pile of garden cuttings that I had accumulated.

I spent both Saturday and Sunday morning using the shredder and got the huge pile of cuttings down to almost nothing with the exception of the larger branches which will make good fire wood for someone.

On Friday afternoon it was a trip to the Speech Therapist who gave Kitty a lot more exercises to do with her new tongue. We had to be back in time for the nurse but it was a short lesson. We however got caught in a traffic jam and it took absolutely ages to get back home. Fortunately the nurse was stuck in the same traffic jam, so we did get home ahead of her.

Saturday afternoon Ann and I went with Nico to a football match in Monaco. Monaco versus Lens (north of France). Unfortunately Monaco lost 1-4 but a good match but very very hot as sitting in the direct sun for most of the match. The atmosphere was brilliant.

On Sunday afternoon we drove to Beaulieu-sur-Mer to meet Nico, Tatiana and Mahé by his motor boat in the harbour. Using the App ‘What3Words’ we were able to go to the exact location of the boat. If you haven’t heard of What3Words I would highly recommend the app. You can check it out using the link below. Once we were aboard and Nico, Tat and Mahé had done all the necessary to get us going, we were given an excellent guided tour of the coast from Beaulieu-sur-Mer to Monaco. A really beautiful coastline with incredible sailing yachts and motor boats. The villas were out of this world and the latest apartment blocks and offices in Monaco are being built on stilts on reclaimed land in the sea. It was a leisurely trip to Monaco but a swift trip back showing the capabilities of the two 300 HP Yamaha outboard motors. We then moored the boat by La Four de Cap and went for a swim in the Med. Kitty enjoyed her first big trip out out but was pretty tired when we got back home. . We got back to Beaulieu-sur-Mer in time for us to get back home for the nurse’s evening visit.

Sunday evening/night was once again a bit of a disaster as the pump that feeds Kitty started playing up. Every time Kitty disconnected the pump from the mains to go to the loo, she got an error message when it was reconnected to the mains. FaceTime calls to the Nurse late in the night to try to sort out the problem. We eventually found a way to work around the problem with me sleeping in the same room as Kitty helping her to use the codes till she could do it herself. None of us got much sleep that night but at least Kitty got the nourishment that she needed.

On Monday, Ann and I once again did our weekly shop while Kitty stayed at home and got some well earned rest. When we got home Kitty helped in the garden cutting down a creeper while I mowed the lawn and strimmed the sloping bank. In the afternoon I drove Kitty to the post office as she had a collection to make.

When the evening nurse came to connect Kitty up to her feed, another problem arose. There were no more tubes to connect the two food bottles to Kitty and the old ones were thrown away by Kitty while we were away shopping. What Kitty did not tell us was that she had driven her car to the bottom of the complex to get rid of her rubbish. She did a second drive to look for the bag she had taken to the bins earlier but they had been emptied. A big smile on her face saying “I can drive”. Another accomplishment. So she had to spend yet another night without food. She however did get her medicine and water which helped. As a result of missed feeds Kitty has lost another kg in weight.

A late visit this morning by the main nurse who fitted a new pump and a replenishment of her food stock so hopefully no dramas for a while at least.

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