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I visited Kit this afternoon from 2 to 5 PM. A forty minute drive from Menton to Nice. Another hot 35C day and brilliant sunshine. No wind at all so stifling hot.

When I rang the bell to enter her ward I was given a gown, hair net and gloves to wear by the nurse. I couldn't understand this as the previous day we were allowed in wearing just a face mask.

When I entered Kit’s room she was lying in her bed instead of sitting in a chair as the previous day. She pointed to her slate where she had written me a message. Kit had a very bad night having no sleep at all as she had picked up an infection in her stomach resulting in her stomach hurting a great deal. Not seriously enough for the nurse to give her any antibiotics but serious enough to make her feel very poorly.

Kit had real difficulty in speaking today and I tried to calm her and got her to close her eyes and get some rest. She was not allowed to leave her room in case she picked up a further virus. Days are very long for her and as she cannot do much.

Half an hour before I had to leave Kit was moved out of the intensive care ward into another ward in the 4th floor. It is a much better room than the smaller intensive care one with her own toilet, wash basin and shower.

A nurse came in to weigh Kit. She has lost 5kg since having the operation. There really isn't much of her. When she comes home and when she can eat we will have to try to get her to put some weight on.

Ann will be visiting Kit tomorrow and I will ask her to share her views in the blog tomorrow.

On a lighter note!! Have a laugh on my account.

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