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A bit of a lie in this morning. Up at 7 only to find as a result of a little bit of rain thunder and lightning and wind late last evening, the pathway outside was once again covered in leaves and pine needles. So another clean up and raking the garden at the back of the house. Work like that is best done early in the day, before the heat of the day starts. Having said that it is a bit cooler today with the temperature at 32c and a light breeze makes it more tolerable.

Down a long and winding road to the supermarket for the weekly shop. We decided to try out the local Aldi which was a real disappointment. Lots of empty shelves and we just couldn't get all we needed, so we then strolled done to the Intermache Supermarket which is stocked a lot better. By the time we got home a quick lunch and I was off on my own to see Kitty. We were told off yesterday for the two of us being in there, as officially only one visitor is allowed in on any given day.

Kitty was sitting up in bed looking a lot better and even managed to speak a lot better. I had taken in a bottle of Glycerine for her to apply on her mouth as recommended by her sister Liz, as well as her knitting that she has asked for. Her eyes sparkled when I took it out of the bag. Unfortunately some of the stitches had dropped so we spent the next 45 minutes undoing a few rows, while I picked up the stitches into an extremely long needle.

Yesterday, we downloaded an audio book for her to listen to. While she did listen to the book for sometime, not a lot registered but it had one good result as it put her to sleep and as a result, she had a much better night.

Kitty then spent the next half an hour with her knitting which gives her something to do. A senior nurse then came in and gave her the good news that she will been leaving hospital tomorrow morning at 11am. This news has really cheered her up. A few minutes later another lady came in and went through the procedure for her discharge from hospital tomorrow morning.

Nurse arranged, prescriptions ready. Really looking forward to bringing Kitty home. The start of a new chapter for her with a Speech Therapist as well ❤️😍💕.

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