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Another early start to the day as the garden had to be watered before sunrise. A good hours work. After a shower and breakfast and being Sunday I decided to take things easy in the morning. Ann as usual busy in the kitchen and catching up with the ironing. While she was doing her exercises I decided to do a bit of painting. Something that I am not very good at and have done very little of. It was more difficult than usual as the Acrylic paint was really drying quickly in the heat.

Ann and I made our way to the hospital after lunch. It was a very hot and listless day. As a result of the heat, I have been having a great deal of problems with my feet. They swell up every day and are very painful. With the hundreds of misquote bites and heat rash, I really am struggling. Enough about me though.

Kitty has once again made slow progress. Certainly not as much as she would like at expect at this stage of her recovery. The wounds on her arm and leg are healing well. The hole in her neck still seems to be causing much of the problem which restricts her from speaking and breathing. Having said that she is slowly improving. The nurse came in to take her blood pressure which was higher than oil should have been. However in the next couple of hours they took the pressure again and it had returned to near normal.

Kitty was very happy as she had telephone calls from both her sister Elizabeth in Switzerland and her son Nico in South America. It cheered her up no end.

We find that after a couple of hours of being with her, she gets tired and needs to sleep. So we decided that we would leave earlier today.

I am sorry that I never posted this blog yesterday as I should have. Please do accept my apologies

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