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I was up at 6am to water the garden and spent the next couple of hours raking up all the dead leaves and needle pines. The best time of the day to do any outdoor work while it is reasonably cool (29C). After a shower and breakfast we went down into Menton. The town was absolutely crowded with tourists so in order to get a place to park the car you need to be in early. As Kit’s glasses are so badly scratched she just cannot see, so we had to find her Opticians and order a new pair for her using her existing prescription. We should get the new glasses in ten days time. I nearly had a heart attack when I was told the her glasses would cost over £1000. I shall never complain of the costs of glasses in the UK again.

Ann and I once again travelled to Nice to visit Kitty in hospital at 2pm. The initial plan was that Ann would go to the ward to see Kitty as only one person is allowed to visit a day? While Ann was checking in, I walked in as well resulting in us both taking the elevator to the 4th floor. There was no one around in the ward so we opened the door to Kitty’s room and walked in. We both stayed with Kit for the 3 hours.

I am afraid to report that we saw no improvement in Kit’s health. She is feeling very depressed and down in herself as she feels that she is not making progress after two weeks since the operation. She still feels it very hard to breath and keeps choking on a lot of phlegm all the time. She is hardly able to speak so most of our communication is done with a slate and chalk.

On a positive note her stomach virus seems to be better and she is no longer in pain and the wound on her left arm is healing well. She is obviously in pain and very unsettled. Tried nodding off a few times but nor for long.

While we were with her a doctor came to see her. After a chat with Kitty and a telling us off for not wearing coats, hairnets and gloves. All I managed to get out of Kitty on the conversation is that she could be allowed to go home either on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Ann and I feel that she really needs to get a lot better before she is allowed to leave the hospital. On the top of everything Kit has to find her own nurse to look after her when she gets home to manage her drip feed and to dress her wounds. I have just heard that she might have found one. More on that tomorrow.

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