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Today has been a great day for all of us. We have had a bit of good news. It has been eight weeks that I have been in Menton keeping my sister Kitty company and looking after her as much as I could. The time spent with her and Ann who joined me five weeks ago has been rewarded today.

As you may recall from my last blog, written after I arrived from the UK, Kitty’s cancer had spread in her mouth and her consultant did not give us a great deal to be positive about. They recommended a treatment of three sessions of immunotherapy which were completed last week. Yesterday Kitty had a pet-scan and today she saw her consultant to hear the results of the treatment.

Nico, Ann and I were with Kitty when she was given the results and we came out of the consultants office feeling a great deal happier than when we went in.

As a result of the immunotherapy, the cancer in Kitty’s tongue and mouth had not spread and had in fact decreased by an estimated 50%. This was indeed good news.

However, we were told that the immunotherapy programme would continue for a further three sessions and while this would help in preventing the cancer from spreading, it was not a cure and would not get rid of the cancer. So a bit of good news and a bit of not so good news.

Her consultant will be setting up a further meeting with her surgeon to get his opinion and to see if he could help Kitty in reducing the phlegm in her mouth, which is a major problem for her.

I will keep you all advised of any outcome in the future. Thank you for the interest that you have shown in Kitty and for all the support that you have given her over these past few months. Kitty really does appreciate all your visits, calls, emails and messages.

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