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I am back in France with Kitty to help her in any way that I can.

A brief update.

Her wounds are healing well and the dressing on her throat has been removed today. A further operation is planned for the 10th October to remove the feed pipes from her nose and then fit an attachment into her belly button to feed direct into her stomach.

The operation has been delayed and it has not helped her mentally.

While we were in the UK, Kitty has kept herself busy in the garden, quite a bit of knitting and I am pleased to say that she has started a new clay sculpture.

Her visits to the Physiotherapist are going well, with a lot of work being done on the flexibility of her neck. The Speech Therapist is not achieving as much as expected and the full benefits will only start once the tubes are removed from her nose.

The weather in the Cote de Azure is sunny with a low of 12c and a high of 21c. A lot cooler than I had a couple of weeks ago.

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