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Update on Kitty 23rd October 2022

This is my last update on Kitty before I leave France and head back to England after spending five weeks helping out the best I can.

Kitty continues to improve physically and is getting stronger and stronger as the days go by. On the 18th October, we went back to the hospital in Nice so that she could have the stitches removed from her stomach. The wound had healed very well. She saw the doctor after the stitches were removed and has a further appointment in January.

The nurse continued to visit Kitty for the first week after the stitches were removed to show her how to operate the feed pump and will now only visit her once a month to check that everything is OK. As a result Kitty now feeds herself every day and except for a couple of mishaps, which I have been able to help her, she is now perfectly capable of looking after herself.

Kitty now has a new Speech Therapist who she is much happier with and continues with her visit to him twice a week and her Physiotherapist twice a week as well.

She is back to driving her car so will be able to get to her various appointments without any difficulty. Last Sunday we went for a very long walk together and I was amazed that she was able to do a 7 mile walk. Kitty gets onto her Exercise Cycle every morning.

Kitty now uses a blender to make very thin soups and shakes which she tries to swallow twice a day. This she still finds very difficult to do. Time will tell if she will be able to swallow more than only a few mouthfuls at a time. Her Speech Therapist has told her that he has never seen anyone with such a small tongue, and he does not think that she will ever be able to eat normally again and will have to depend on the external feeding for the rest of her life. This as you can imagine, has made Kitty feel very depressed. I have tried to get her to think positively and work on her eating and hopefully the Speech Therapist will be proved wrong.

I have spent the last five weeks looking after and supporting Kitty the best that I can. I have done a lot of work on her garden and fixed a few problems that she had around. the house. I have however managed to go out on a few cycle rides which I have enjoyed very much. Most of the rides were very hilly and quite exhausting but enjoyable with some amazing scenery.

I am looking forward to going home and to see my darling Ann again. Thank you very much for letting me stay here for so long. I Love You.

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