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Update on Kitty 31st August 2022

Kitty continues to make steady progress over the past few days. Some days are better than others though. At least no problems with her feed apparatus and the nurse has been in regularly both in the morning and the afternoon.

Kitty now likes to drive into town and is enjoying her independence. We have made several journeys to the chemist, optician, speech therapist and the office to collect her new identity card.

She does her cycling and exercises every morning and walks down to the main gate of the complex to check for mail or get rid of the garbage. Kitty has done quite a bit of knitting as well.

Yesterday was quite a big day for her as she had an appointment with her Surgeon at the hospital in Nice, the first one since the operation was carried out?

Fortunately we did not have to wait too long before she was called in. Nico had come to the hospital to give Kitty his support and help with the Surgeon. The Surgeon assured Kitty that he had done everything to get all of the cancer cells out during the operation but they would only know for sure during the next appointment in December. The feed apparatus would have to remain for the foreseeable future which depressed Kitty no end. New ointments and dressing for her wounds as well.

She has an appointment tomorrow in the hospital to see the dietician who will discuss the next steps that Kitty will need to take. One of the options will be to feed her directly into her stomach via a hole in her tummy. This would be a better option than the existing tube in her nose. By removing the tube she will not only be able to breathe a bit easier but could, with a lot of help and courage learn to swallow again which will hopefully lead to her being able to drink and eat herself again. This is not a given. Time will tell.

Kitty has also been very down at times wondering if what she has been through has been worth it. Ann and I have been here to help her as much as we can but your support and encouragement is going to be necessary to help her get through these very difficult times.

Ann and I will be returning to the UK tomorrow morning. A two day drive with a stop over in Dijon. We really feel terrible having to leave Kitty on her own. I have an appointment in London on Monday to see the French Visa agent to see if I can get a visa to return to France to continue to look after Kitty, as we have come to the end of the 90/180 day ruling. We do not know how long the process will take but as soon as I have the visa I will fly back to Nice to continue looking after Kitty. Ann will stay home as we have commitments to look after friends Dog and Cat later in September.

Thank you all for you support to date and here’s wishing you all a very happy September.

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