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Kitty has now been home for three days and is a lot happier in herself as a result. Her first night was a bit of a disaster as the feed line got disconnected from the device that continued to bleep all the time. Ann came to her rescue but they were unable to stop the bleeping. As a result Kitty slept on the couch in the sitting room which is very comfortable.

In the morning (Wednesday) when I went upstairs Kitty was using a pair of secateurs on the creeper hanging over the balcony. I was not at all happy and made her sit down. She spent the rest of her full day sorting things out in between the many sleep she took. She was wired up all day as she had missed a lot of her drip feed during the night. The nurse returned in the evening to disconnect the feed tubes so Kitty was able to have a good nights sleep.

On Thursday morning, we had quite a lot of well needed rain which did the garden a great deal of good. Saved me from watering the top garden. The nurse arrived early as usual and reconnected Kitty to the feed tubes which she will have to have on for the rest of the day. The nurse also dressed the wound on her neck which is healing well. Hopefully the dressing can be removed in 2-3 days time which will be another milestone reached. She is breathing a lot easier and every day her speech gets a bit better. Today we will take her to see the speech therapist and will report on the outcome.

Friday morning was a very busy one for Kitty. The nurse came in at 7.30am to check up on her and to remove the feeding tubes After a shower and getting dressed, we took her into town. First to see the optician to collect her new glasses and to have them fitted. While Ann and Kitty went in, I did several tours around the block as parking in Menton this time of the year is just impossible. After the optician a visit to the chemist to buy a pill grinder so that her medicines can go through the feeding tubes and to the hair dressers to make an appointment for her. I continued driving around the block. The next visit was to her speech therapist, where she spent some time discussing what she could do help Kitty speak. Several future appointments were made.

So you can see that things are slowly improving and Kitty is trying to do perhaps too much too soon. We spent a lot of the afternoon chatting, looking at her beautiful paintings and listening to music. With her new glasses she can now do her knitting which she is happy about. The nurse is expected shortly to hook her up with her feed tubes. The end of her freedom for the night ?!

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