Cycling - Indian National Games 1963 New Delhi and 1964 Calcutta

I took up cycling in 1963 when my brother left for the UK and his bike was left in the garage gathering dust. I joined the local cycling club at the stadium and started track cycling on a concrete banked outdoor track. I gradually gained experience taking part in some local races which I enjoyed very much. Having won some of the local races I was asked to join the Mysore State Cycling Team and was taken to New Delhi for the national Games as a junior member of the team.

I took part in two National Games in 1963 and 1964 in New Delhi and Calcutta respectively winning both a Gold and a Silver medal. A well as the track events I also took part in the 112 mile road races representing the Mysore state team.
  • 1000 Meter Scratch Race - Gold Medal
  • Sprint to the finish
  • In action
  • With Doray Isaac
  • Ready for the start
  • Off we go
  • The one to win
  • Start of the 200 meter sprint
  • The Podium, 4000 meter lap race, Silver Medal
  • Early morning start for the 112 mile road race in New Delhi
  • Mysore State Cycling Team
  • Madals
    Gold and Silver Medals - Indian National Games, Calcutta 1964