Chelmer Cycling Club

After watching the 2012 London Olympic Games I thought that it would be good idea if I took up cycling again. This was after a break of some 44 years! I found my sons disused Claud Butler Hybrid cycle in the garage and after doing a bit of maintenance work to it I started going out on the bike. A couple of miles at first and then gradually building up to 10 miles. I will never forget how excited I was when I completed my first 10 miles.

As I result I bought a Boardman Team Hybrid bike which I used for a couple of months. Not enjoying the experience of riding alone I joined the Chelmer Cycling Club in Chelmsford. I went out on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning 9.00am ride. I was really vey difficult to keep up with the other member of the group at first but as time went by I gradually improved. They do say that practice makes perfect.

I very soon upgraded to a proper drop handle road bike and after selling the Boardman Hybrid Team bike on eBay I bought a Boardman Team Carbon 2014 in September 2013. I now looked the part. I can remember hitting the milestones along the way, 20, 30, 50 and wow my first solo 75 and 100 mile ride.

I did a number of Sportives with the club and trained for my London to Paris ride with the members.

Many thanks to Kevin Orrin, Paul Smith, Rowena Simmons to name just a few.
  • Gathering for a ride
  • Coffee break with Kevin, Rowena and Sally
  • Another coffee break
  • Essex 100 - half way stop with Rowens Simmons
  • Essex 100 completed - 20 Sept 2015
  • Coffee at Paper Mill Lock
  • Sunday morning social ride
  • Time Trial - Hanningfield Reservior - 5 Aug 2014
  • Time Trial - Hanningfield Reservior - 5 Aug 2014
  • Penny Farthing Riders