London to Paris Sept 2014

Having decided to enter the London to Paris Charity bike ride which started on the 3rd September 2014 I had to get into some serious training. With the help of the members of the Chelmer Cycling Club I took every opportunity to ride and completed almost 1600 miles two months before the event started.

The main task was to raise money for my nominated charity - Chelmsford Mencap. With the help of my most generous family, friends and business clients I managed to raise in excess of £2000 for the event.

I drove down to my brothers house in Crawley the evening before and in the morning he took me into Crystal Palace for the start of the 4 day ride from London to Paris.

With about 120 participants of all ages, and a very wide variety of cycles we took off on our way from CrystalPalace to our fist nights stop in France via Dover and the channel ferry. On my own to start with but I met up with a couple of great guys on the first day, Jason Campbell and Ben Jones. We rode together till we reached Paris and had great time on the way. It was with their help and support that I managed to successfully complete the ride.

The slides show below are just a few images that go into the great time that we had.
  • Ready for the journey to Crystal Palace
  • At the start for 7.00am at Crystal Palace
  • Near the end of the first day with Jason Campbell
  • Near the end of the first day with Ben Jones
  • ⁨At Beauvais⁩, ⁨Picardy⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • ⁨At Beauvais⁩, ⁨Picardy⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • Chris Hamblin at ⁨Vallangoujard⁩, ⁨Île-de-France⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • Ben Jones, ⁨Auvers-sur-Oise⁩, ⁨Île-de-France⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • Jason Campbell, ⁨Auvers-sur-Oise⁩, ⁨Île-de-France⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • One of the tough climbs
  • ⁨Maintenay⁩, ⁨Nord-Pas-de-Calais⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • ⁨Sarcus⁩, ⁨Picardy⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • One of the many coffee breaks. ⁨Lignières-Châtelain⁩, ⁨Picardy⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • With Ben Jomes
  • ⁨Bois de Boulogne⁩, ⁨Paris⁩, ⁨Île-de-France⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • ⁨Parc du Champ de Mars⁩, ⁨Paris⁩, ⁨Île-de-France⁩, ⁨France⁩
  • The Train
  • With Chelmsford MenCap after the ride.