Our Family
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David, Jake, Ann, Ellie and Simon taken on Ann’s Birthday

A Very Happy Christmas 2021

Another year has gone by - this year even quicker than the ...

Dubai Clock Tower
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A random selection of photographs of our time spent in Dubai during 1979 to 1982. Things were a lot different then compared to that what Dubai looks like now.

Dubai will always have great memories for me as it was in Dubai that I met Ann who ...

SS Orsova
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This is a short account of our journey from India to the UK in the autumn of 1968 with my Dad, Aunt Gwen and cousin Jennifer.

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While we have had a strange year weather wise with a lot of rain, cloud and wind and not a lot of sunshine, the garden, nevertheless has been a real pleasure to look at.

The movie below will give you an idea of what the garden has looked like ...

Jenny Fernandez
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Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Jen. Hope that you have a lovely time with the family. We will be thinking of you and have a drink to toast your health and every happiness.

Hope that you are keeping well and enjoying you time with your grand ...

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With Afghanistan being very much in the news these days and withdrawal of all US and UK troops from the country I came across a medal that I believe belonged to my Great Grandfather for being in Afghanistan in 1878-79-80.

It seem that we do ...

Cyril Holroyd-Doveton
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Thinking about my Dad on his 99th Birthday. We love and miss you Dad and think of you every day.

It is now 15 years since we lost you and not a day goes by that we do not think about you,

We love and miss you.